You've hoped, you've asked, you've prayed, you've waited, you've stomped your feet, you've revolted against the institution, you've given up, you've rekindled your faith, only to be let down again. But the wait is over. Hangouts is finally fiiiiiiiiiinally adding the option to record and send 1-minute videos*.

*on iOS. Hah! What, did you honestly think the Hangouts Android development team woke up all of a sudden from its slumber and decided to add every feature you've been begging for?! Far be it from that. It still has its priorities straight — like implementing rounded corners for shared images. That was huge, you guys. Did you notice the performance improvements it caused?! The app flies now, like birds with rounded wings.

So back to iOS. Not only do our friends on the other side of the OS divide get to enjoy a real tablet layout like we've seen in some of our wet dreams (whaaaaa?! You don't dream about UI and UX too?! It's just me and Liam who do that?! My bad), but they've also been able to record and share 10-second videos since version 2.0 released February 27, 2014. If you're bad at math or your brain just exploded, let me tell you that was two years ago, give or take a few days. Two years.

What they're getting now in version 8.0 is a longer video recording allocation, up to one full minute. Those are 60 seconds or 60000 milliseconds of moving images that you can't share with anyone from Android. Because Android is for chumps. And what's the point of video anyway? We got GIFs yo. Those are pictures that move too, aren't they?

Here's a changelog of the update to officially twist the knife in your back. As to whether this means video sharing is coming to Android soon, your guess is as good as ours, and ours says, "Dream on, bud."

What's New in Version 8.0.0
• Send video attachments up to 1 minute.
• Fix for unread conversation when you’ve been in a call.
• Fix for users stuck on the “Ok, got it” button
• Support for Google for Work - Mobile Management.

Alternate title: [#IPAPLZ #SOONBACKANSWER] Hangouts 8.0 Likes Hanging Out With iOS More, Shares A Celebratory 1 Minute Video With Android Users To Rub It In

*on iTunes