Google Classroom for Android debuted just over a year ago as part of the free suite of software provided by Google for schools. The app, just like its browser-based counterpart, is a centralized place where students can access handouts, assignments, and news from all of their classes. On the instructor side, all of those same elements can be managed in addition to the convenience of teachers having the ability to work with all their classes at once. The app is now getting the v2.0 upgrade with a series of less-than-groundbreaking improvements.

There don't seem to be any big interface changes, but the app debuted with a nice material look. The 2.0 label is probably just a formality and not so much a signal that huge changes have dropped. With that said, there still are changes:

  • Students and teachers can view notifications in an in-app notifications center
  • Teachers can save and post drafts
  • Teachers can post to multiple classes at once
  • Teachers can attach youtube videos to posts
  • Students and teachers can take videos as well as pictures to attach to posts
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements

Teachers seem to be the biggest beneficiaries here, but all in all these are not revamping the user experience for most. Of course, by most accounts it's a pretty good service, so there's no use in fixing what isn't broken.

You can get the update via the Play Store or head to APK Mirror to download yourself.

Google Classroom
Google Classroom
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free