It's time to get out your Cardboard viewers, there's an update to Google's demo app for the lil' VR platform that could. Version 1.8 came out yesterday with a brand new demo called Arctic Journey. It's a brief tour through some of the experiences we can have in VR, set in the frozen landscape of the very, very far north. As you might expect, words are inadequate to describe the scenery, so here's some idea of what you might encounter on a trip to the North Pole.


Image source: Google Cardboard (G+)

The tour starts with a cute arctic fox and continues through different scenes as it introduces themes like flight, playing, learning, creating, and relaxation. All of the scenes are pretty simple, and aside from one or two objects to click, you're kinda just along for the ride.

Once you're at the end, there's a menu with options to jump directly to any of the previous scenes, or do it all over again. It's a fun journey for the few minutes you'll be on it.

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Version: 1.8 (160217142)

Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free