One of the benefits of buying into popular flagships is that all the odds of community support are in your favor. Provided that the manufacturer wasn't being a colossal pain, you shouldn't have to wait long to see some enterprising developers and modders provide a root method, a custom recovery, a bootloader unlock, and more custom ROMs than you dare imagine.

That's the case with the latest Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge. The devices have been "officially" on sale for less than a week and yet here is Team Win ready with its TWRP custom recovery for the Exynos version (the international variant) of the phone. With this recovery, you should be able to make backups of your phone if you're the kind who tries edgy (ha!) stuff and need to have something to fall back on. It'll also open the doors of custom ROMs for you.

The TWRP pages for both devices are linked below. They provide all the details you need along with links to the XDA threads, download links, and different install methods (with and without root).

Alternate title: TouchWiz Will Rest in Peace (TWRP) On The Galaxy S7 And S7 Edge