Maintaining an app has some similarities with keeping a website up and running. One day everything is fine. The next day, an update goes out that leaves thousands of people unable to do anything. Now they're ranting on Twitter, leaving poor reviews on Google Play, and giving you a massive dose of negativity and rage to encounter when you sit down at your computer.

The best thing for everyone would be if you had heads-up as soon as possible. Twitter Fabric is one way to keep up with this stuff. The social network launched the platform at the end of 2014, combining Crashlytics, MoPub, its own mojo to help developers manage and monetize their apps.

Fabric1 Fabric2 Fabric3

The Fabric mobile app provides you with tools to monitor your app's performance and triage issues as they arise. You can open Fabric to take an active role in keeping up with things, or you can leave the app running in the background and wait for a notification. Just make sure you're ready to stop the moaning as fast as possible. That's ultimately what matters, for everyone's sake.

Developer: Google Fabric
Price: Free