So, do you remember the Samsung Galaxy View mega-tablet? It came out a few months ago in WiFi-only form, and the price dropped almost immediately because most people don't want a tablet that big. Now, Verizon is selling an LTE-enabled version that's more expensive. This is innovation.

The Galaxy View is a huge 18.4-inch 1080p tablet with a built-in kickstand and a handle. It's sort of like a little TV that you can carry around that also happens to run Android. The WiFi version is currently selling for about $550 on Amazon (it has gone up recently), and Verizon is asking $600 full price. Since this is a tablet, you have the option of doing a 2-year contract to get $100 off or paying $25 monthly over two years.

For the small number of people who actually have use for a giant tablet, the Verizon version isn't actually that badly priced. It's only a little more expensive than the WiFi-only tablet, and it will be unlocked. It also comes with 64GB of storage built-in, double what the WiFi one has.