A recent Google Maps update introduced a feature that makes upcoming turns and exits easier to follow. Rather than leaving you trying to reconcile the street names at the top of the screen with the direction of the blue path below, Maps has started to insert bubbles onto the map that mark the location for you while also showing you which road you're on.

nexus2cee_2016-02-10-02.36.30 nexus2cee_screenshot_2016-03-11-09-09-54-1

Left: Our previous look, at night; Right: A reader submitted image, during the day

Downloading the latest APK, which we covered in early February, was not enough to trigger the change. Many of you have had to wait. Now we're hearing from readers that the functionality has reached them for the first time. We can't definitively say that it's available to everyone, but that does now appear to be the case.

Google Maps - Navigate & Explore
Google Maps - Navigate & Explore
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