Had your eye on one of those Motorola Android Wear watches? Now might be the time to strike with a $50 gift card when you buy a Moto 360 from Best Buy. This deal covers all versions of the Moto 360 (both sizes) and the more recently released Moto 360 Sport.

The Moto 360 v2 is still one of my favorite Android Wear devices because the smaller 42mm version fits so well. The Moto Maker customization is appealing too, but you don't get that at Best Buy. They do offer a good selection of styles, though. The Moto 360 Sport only comes in three colors, so no loss there.

2016-03-14 14_15_37-moto-360-smartwatches-149756 - Best Buy

All versions of the 360 v2 and 360 Sport (both starting at $299.99) are included in the promo, but you can't do this in-store. The gift card will be shipped to you when you complete a qualifying online order. So, you can't use the card on this transaction, but you can use it at any point in the future.