The Android N preview is here, and we're all rather excited about it. (Galaxy S7? G5? Mi 5? What's that?) Android N, even in its primordial preview form, is already showing us tons of new features and changes to the Android OS at large. There are over forty Android N stories on Android Police already, and N has been announced for under a week. And we're still on the first preview. There's a lot going on here.

And there's doubtless more we haven't discovered yet. Changes that will pop up as the N preview continues to update over the next four-plus months, the longest preview of any Android OS release yet.

So, let's talk about N. What have you noticed that you love? That you hate? That you're not quite sure about but definitely have general feelings toward. Favorite features? Small changes that excited you or drive you a little nuts? Things you expected that didn't happen (COUGH APP DRAWER COUGH)? I mean, split-screen multitasking could be an entire discussion post in and of itself. There's just so much new stuff, and I feel like this weekend is the perfect time to start processing all of it.