Sharing works pretty well in Android - the standard "share" command and its collection of APIs allows for easily getting content from one app to another. But if you're anything like most Android users, you have dozens of apps installed that include Share functions, and you're only used to actually using Share in a few of them. Android N has a little feature that makes that interaction much more user-friendly: Share apps can now be pinned to the top of the cross-app menu.

2016-03-12 15.20.17 2016-03-12 15.20.22 2016-03-12 15.20.29

Using this is pretty simple: just open the Share menu from any app, then long-press on one of the share options and select "pin." In the screenshots above we've used "copy to clipboard," since it's a popular option that's usually deep in the menu. Once pinned, apps will stay at the top of the menu in all other apps. You can unpin any of the apps with the same long-press function, and it should work with Direct Share as well.

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  • Pascal Mahler