Samsung's marketing team has been hitting it out of the park recently with funny, memorable commercials highlighting the S7's many cool features. A couple of days ago, they posted three new commercials starring Lil Wayne and Wesley Snipes, and I think they are pretty stellar. I could describe them for you, but I wouldn't wan't to spoil the surprise. Watch them for yourself.



Baby Elephant

Ha! The winners for me are the first and third spot. Something about Lil Wayne pretending to have a baby elephant land in his lap in the last video really tickled my funny bone. I actually laughed out loud for several seconds when I watched that commercial the first time. I can't even remember the last time an advertisement made me do that. The spot really makes VR look engrossing, realistic, and fun.

The first spot makes a very convincing argument for why a phone should be waterproof. It's not so you can jump in a lake with it to take pictures of yourself skateboarding underwater (like this Sony Xperia Z commercial), it's because humans are a bunch of klutzes and spill stuff all the time. Sometimes we even do it on purpose.

A long time ago as a communications program undergrad I learned that the best advertisements are ones that help you remember a product and show you why you should want it. In my opinion, Samsung is accomplishing both those goals with their latest ads. So, what do you think? Memorable? Funny? Stupid? Let us know in the comments below.