If you're feeling fancy and you decided to flash the Android N developer preview, you'll notice that your optimization step didn't take very long at all. That's thanks to a new change in Android N that Ryan has already detailed. The Android Runtime, ART for short, is now using a JIT (just-in-time) compiler, which means that apps install update much faster so you can quickly get back to royally crushing whatever clash you're clanning against.

We decided to do a quick test just to see if we could replicate and feature the faster install speed, so we used one of the most notorious developers as a demo. Using APK Mirror, I downloaded Facebook and Facebook Messenger, notorious for their long install times, onto the two devices I used for the test. What devices were those? One, a Nexus 6P (of course) running Android N and the other is a Galaxy S7 (Snapdragon 820 version) running Marshmallow. I was floored by how much longer Facebook took to install on the S7. Facebook took so long to install on Marshmallow that my arm is visibly exhausted in the footage from holding up the phone for so long.

The results were pretty dramatic. Here are the times:

  • Facebook Messenger:
    • Nexus 6P: 17 seconds
    • Galaxy S7: 45 seconds
  • Facebook:
    • Nexus 6P: 32 seconds
    • Galaxy S7: 3 minutes 21 seconds

This is not a scientific or exhaustive test, of course, we just wanted you to see the difference JIT can make in an extreme case. Over three minutes to install one app is ludicrous, so those of you in the often-updated Alpha or Beta channels for Facebook should be able to rest easy knowing that once Android N hits your device, your installs will be - comparatively - lightning quick. Plus, other activities involving a lot of app installs, like restoring apps on a new device running N, are now much faster as well.

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