Oh man. It's you again. So, you didn't like that Nexus 6P deal I just posted. Too big? Too expensive? Too metal? Well, I've got another deal for you that should make you happy. This time it's on the Nexus 5X, and it's only the best price I've ever seen on the 32GB model (that is, without signing up for Project Fi).

B&H has the White Nexus 5X on sale for $349.99 with an extra $50 off with coupon code BHNEXUS5X. That drops the price to a mere $299.99. Before you ask, no, the code doesn't work with the 16GB model, or with the other colors of the 32GB model. Who cares if you don't like white phones, you can buy a case in whatever color you like with the $50 bucks you just saved.

B&H only charges sales tax to New York residents, and the phone ships free, so $299.99 is your absolute final price if you want to jump on the deal. Link's below, get it while it lasts.