Netflix is filled to the brim with shows people want to watch, including children. Thing is, the default experience is pretty dark, and that remains the case if you sign into the kid portion. The little ones may be flipping through pictures of Curious George and The Land Before Time, but they're doing so against a dark backdrop of black and red.

Screenshot_2016-03-11-01-18-07 Screenshot_2016-03-11-01-18-18

With the latest release, the Netflix Kids mode is decidedly brighter. The poorly lit interface has been replaced by one that's airy. The grid has been joined by circular icons containing an array of recognizable characters. Individual shows have colorful banner images above rows of thumbnails set against a white background.

Screenshot_20160311-011638 Screenshot_20160311-011727 Screenshot_20160311-011647

Right now, these changes are intended for tablets. But the changelog does contains a minor mention of other form factors. This release should improve casting to Android TV and Fire TV devices. That's something for people without kids to care about. Then again, there's no reason you can't enjoy Kids mode yourself.

What's New:

  • New kids-friendly experience on tablets
  • Improvements when CASTing to Android TV and Fire TV devices
  • Bug fixes

Developer: Netflix, Inc.
Price: Free+