Despite how much we praise and love Material Design, it's not the be-all end-all of interfaces and it's definitely not unanimously loved. We've seen many users lament the waste of space, excess of white, and other aspects of the design language, but what's ultimately the most important factor in MD acceptance is how well the developers adapt it to their specific app. The Imgur team appears to have fallen on the wrong side of that equation and garnered the wrath of some of its users with the app's latest update.

The new Imgur version revamped the entire interface to Material Design and improved the overall performance of the app. However, users are mostly annoyed to see that the downvote, upvote, and favorite buttons are now moved to the top, making them a farther reach for their finger and rendering the app a lot less usable one-handed. In their place, there's a new bar to jump to the comments that's stuck at the bottom of the screen along with a Share FAB. I think it's worth repeating here: adding a FAB for the sake of adding a FAB isn't a smart move, especially when it's going to obscure content on an app that relies on visuals and when its action isn't something users perform as often as other actions.

Other users are annoyed by the need to tap to load more comments, the switch to a new screen to add their own comments which requires a Back press to go to the post, the pervasive purple color scheme, the lack of a scrollbar, the pop-up to swipe to see other posts that keeps coming even when you remove it, and the disappearance of the sidebar menu. There are still lots of positive comments about the performance and beauty of the interface, but the usability aspect is getting a lot of dislikes at the moment. Here are some examples of Play Store reviews:


What's New This Time
Overall changes
- Performance improvements.
- App-wide Material design updates.
- Various crash and bug fixes.
- More text without covering the photos.
- New topic picker screen.
- Camera icon used for Upload.
- Moved vote and favorite buttons to the top.
- To quickly upvote, double-tap an image.
- Quick way to scroll to comments on long posts.
- Share button is moved to the bottom right.
- Native Google Login.
- Muzei integration for phone wallpapers.

You can grab Imgur from the Play Store below, but if you don't like the current version, you can always install the old one from APK Mirror.