There are two things you need to know about this deal. One, the Midnight Black model of the Jaybird X2's is on sale for $124.89 on Amazon, and two, that Artem loves the headphones this company makes. In fact, he loves them so much that if he saw you wearing them on a train, he would likely approach you and strike up a conversation about how much he loves Jaybird headphones.

In that conversation he would probably mention that he owns a website called Android Police, on which he reviewed the previous generation of said headphones in an extremely detailed 3,000 word article. You then might exclaim that the reason you bought your X2's in the first place was because you found out they were on sale through that very website, Android Police, which you follow religiously. After sharing a moment of mirth and merriment celebrating the joy of coincidence, you perhaps would say that you yourself enjoy writing and would love a chance to apply for a position at AP.

After a moment's reflection, I imagine Artem might respond by saying that he doesn't currently have any open spots, but that he wouldn't mind replacing one of his writers who seems to only be interested in writing deal alerts, and that those deal alerts tend to be very wordy, with occasional run-on sentences, while somehow managing to say very little about the product which is on sale. With this in mind, he could very possibly offer you an audition.

After an audition, you may just earn yourself a job, all because you wore the Jaybird X2's on a train. A job that used to belong to... wait a minute... ah, crap, what on earth did I just get myself into. I really hope Artem doesn't actually travel by train. The link to the headphones is at the bottom of the page you dirty job stealer. I hope you feel guilty every time you wear them and enjoy their outstanding battery life, sound quality, reception, and comfort. Jerk.