Perhaps the deals we posted this morning on the 6P and 5X were a touch too Nexalicious for your taste. Are you of a more Mototastic persuasion? If you are, you'll be interested to know that the Moto X Pure is on sale today on Motorola's website. The 16GB model is a cool hundred bucks off, while the 32GB version is the recipient of a more modest $50 price cut.

These aren't just the basic black or white versions of the phone either, you can make any combination you would like with Moto Maker. There is still a premium charge of $25 for the wood and leather backs, but it's sweet to see the fully customized version of the phone for sale.

Amazon and Best Buy also have the Moto X Pure on sale, but you will only be able to choose from the black and white/bamboo models. Amazon isn't charging the extra $25 for the premium bamboo back, like Moto and Best Buy, so that's the place to pick it up if it's your favorite combo. Here are the links-

Moto Maker

  • Build Your Own. Prices range from $299.99 to $424.99 based on back material and capacity


Best Buy

No matter which company you choose to buy from, the phone will ship free and be factory unlocked and compatible with all four major carriers in the US. You guys are going to be so broke by the end of the day.