When I took my first look at AmpMe, the app that turns your phones and tablets into multiple speakers for the same song, I applauded the app's interface, automatic sound syncing, SoundCloud implementation, and iOS support. However, a few missing features were holding it back (especially compared to SoundSeeder), namely the lack of local music and Google Play Music support as well as the requirement for an active and fast connection to stream everything.

AmpMe remedied part of the first issue by adding local music playback (still no Play Music, unfortunately) and it's fixing the second problem now by adding offline and local WiFi streaming. It works either by using the common WiFi network that both devices are connected to or by creating a direct WiFi network that other devices can connect to and stream from. That means the app no longer requires a super fast internet connection to upload music from the host and download on all guest devices. The difference is night and day for me as music starts streaming instantaneously and I didn't see it buffering even once.

Another addition to the app is the auto-join feature where guest devices will automatically join parties that they detect (either by proximity using location or by being connected to the same network).

Both features work together to make setting everything up faster than ever on the app. I was almost surprised to hear music coming out of my Nexus 5X a few seconds after launching the app, while I just fiddled with my G4 as a host. Turns out the 5X detected the G4, connected, and started streaming instantly without a single interaction from my side. Nice!

Here's the changelog followed by the link to download and try AmpMe on your devices for free.


- Performance improvements
- New audio synchronization technology
- UI improvements
- Bug fixes

AmpMe - Speaker Booster
AmpMe - Speaker Booster
Developer: AmpMe Inc
Price: Free+

Press Release

No Internet; No Problem. AmpMe Launches “Offline Mode” to Party From the North Pole

After crossing 1.5MM downloads, music-syncing app AmpMe now allows users to party sans connection and introduces predictive syncing via machine learning technologyBUSINESS WIRE)--AmpMe, the app that allows users to play music in perfect sync across multiple devices to create one powerful sound system, today launched ‘Offline Mode’ enabling anyone to create a party anywhere on the planet, regardless of Internet connectivity. The free app, available on iOS and Android, also incorporated a new predictive sync and auto-join feature to get the party started faster and easier.

No Internet, No Problem - Music syncing app @AmpMe introduces 'Offline Mode' to party anywhere on the planet

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Offline Mode works by creating a personal hotspot on the host phone that establishes a unique Wi-Fi network for the party that nearby AmpMe users can then join. Offline Mode plays any song stored on the host’s device via AmpMe’s ‘My Library’ tab, streaming their personal music library in perfect sync with friends.

Partygoers wishing to join the party simply join the Wi-Fi network, open the app and automatically join the party created by the host phone. This new ‘auto-join’ feature makes it easy to sync unlimited phones, seamlessly.

AmpMe also now allows phones to sync quickly and automatically with new ‘Predictive Sync’ technology. Predictive Sync was created using machine learning to analyze thousands of devices and hardware configurations. Based on those results, AmpMe is able to predict the ‘music offset’ of each device and can now be in perfect sync 95%+ of the time thereby skipping the original, manual syncing process via audio fingerprint. This means proximity to the host and background noise will no longer inhibit AmpMe users from joining the party.

“We want AmpMe to be for everyone, not just those lucky enough to have a fast or unlimited data Internet connection,” said AmpMe CEO Martin-Luc Archambault. “Nothing shuts down a party faster than waiting for the music to start, having it out of sync, or losing it altogether because of a weak signal. Offline Mode makes it possible for everyone to quickly and easily start a party using their own music on AmpMe whether you’re on a beach, on a limited data plan or living off the grid.”


  • Compatible with Android 4.1+, iOS 7.1+ and Apple watch.
  • Able to synchronize an unlimited number of iOS and Android mobile phones and tablets.
  • Compatible with Soundcloud and your personal music library; more streaming services to follow soon.
  • Able to synchronize with Bluetooth speakers for an enhanced experience.

AmpMe is available for free in the iOS App Store and Google Play:

About AmpMe:

Surround yourself with sound. AmpMe uses mobile phones to turn your friends into a powerful sound system. Play your music in perfect sync across multiple devices to create a powerful speaker. AmpMe respects intellectual property rights and encourages users to do the same by having fun with their friends and families in private. AmpMe is based in Montreal, Quebec and privately funded by leading entrepreneurs and angel investors from California and Montreal. Bring your music anywhere. Be the Speakers.