Each of the major social networks has evolved to place emphasis on something that they have excelled beyond all others. Twitter is the king of what's current. Facebook is all about planning events and staying in touch with family and friends. And despite a constant narrative about its impending doom, Google+ has become one of the best places for actual content creators to share their work. Photographers, writers, chefs, and other adventurous, interesting, and creative people have come together to share their passions.

Yesterday, Google announced a new program called Google+ Create that will fuel this trend by featuring great collections and the people that put them together. Creators will have the opportunity to be featured prominently in marketing and on the site. Google is also asking them to give feedback and further define ways Google+ can grow and improve in the future. In exchange, they can look forward to a few pretty cool benefits, like: a verified profile, early access to new features, and other opportunities to engage with new people.


Do these perks sound interesting to you, or do you think you're already a good match for the program? Google is putting out a call for people to join, but this isn't for everyone. Applicants are expected to have themed collections with interesting, high-quality content. Posts should also be fairly regular. The site calls for members to post at least once a week, but some early members seem to post a bit less frequently. There's no minimum follower count–I've seen members with fewer than 1,000 followers–and no specific content requirements, though there will surely be some types of material that Google won't want to feature.

If you feel like you're producing great content and you want the world to see it, head over to the Google+ Create website and click on the 'Apply' button at the top to get your name into consideration. Whether you're looking to join the club and want some inspiration, or just interested in some new cool new content to look through, check out the list of featured members and collections.