The Huawei Watch has been one of the best Android Wear devices since its launch last fall, but the price was quite high. It's come down a bit from time to time, but today there's a big sale on almost all variants of the Huawei Watch on Amazon. You can save over $100 on some of them, but the sale is valid today only.

The cheapest version of the watch with a leather band retails for $350 (though it's usually a bit less on Amazon). Right now it's $269.99, and that's the smallest discount. The mesh strap version is $314.99, down from $400. The Black steel band watch is $319.99 ($130 off), and the stainless steel one is $279.99 ($120 off). The only watch that's not part of the flash sale is the rose gold. It's still over $600.

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The deal is valid until midnight Pacific time, so you've got about 11 hours remaining as of this posting. All versions of the watch are in stock and have Prime shipping.