With Android N being just a preview release meant for developers and users who like to live on the bleeding edge like you and me, apps are likely to misbehave, processes will become unresponsive, and thus you are bound to see the Force Close pop-up much more often than you are used to on more stable Android releases.

However, as users get more and more of these pop-ups, the system seems to recognize responsible apps and offer more options than you are used to seeing in previous versions of Android. First, here are the usual force close options that you'll see on the first few instances of an application crashing. They simply offer the option to restart the app, close it, and send feedback if the developer has implemented that.

android-n-force-close-regular-1 android-n-force-close-regular-2

Regular Force Close pop-up

However, when an app "keeps stopping," Android N will change its language and get a bit more impatient with the misbehavior. There's a new "Reset and restart app" option which doesn't do a full data wipe on the app like you might have guessed from the wording. It only stops all processes and cold launches the app again. The simple "restart," by comparison, seems to be a faster close and relaunch. We're not exactly sure of the difference, but our tipster Daniel Ciao attempts a small explanation that you can read through.

android-n-force-close-reset android-n-force-close-reset-mute

Android N can get really annoyed by troublesome apps

And it seems like the system might get to a higher level of annoyance with culprit apps and offer another "Mute until device restarts" option that stops the app's processes completely edit: more likely, stops the app crashes from pestering you, until you restart your phone.

Alternate title: Android N Disciplines Naughty Apps With Slaps On The Wrist, Grounding, And Full Time-Outs