It's the little things that can turn into big things that mess up a person's mood. Let's say you're trying to copy and paste an offer that popped up in Google Play Music, but you can't because the app doesn't let you. Retyping all of that information instead qualifies as annoying.

A new app called Universal Copy offers somewhat of a workaround. The app uses Android's built-in Accessibility settings to give you the ability to copy text in apps that otherwise don't let you.

After you enable Universal Copy, the app sits in your notification drawer. There you can activate the functionality whenever you're ready to snatch some text. Rather than long-pressing like usual, you only tap portions of the screen. Universal Copy will then copy up the entire block of text.

Screenshot_20160309-103255 Screenshot_20160309-105534


Universal Copy works as expected, but it's not 100%. I had luck copying headlines in Newsstand, but not body text. This, on the other hand, is because Google puts extra effort toward preventing the copying and pasting of text to please publishers.

That aside, Universal Copy scratches an itch, the kind that can really make certain aspects of life less aggravating for some people. Plus the app is free to use and, from my experience thus far, free of ads. It's worth downloading a copy if you need to paste.

Universal Copy
Universal Copy
Developer: Camel Corporation
Price: Free+