We know you don't see a lot of video content at Android Police. We also know that on days like this, you're probably absolutely craving a little variation in media consumption options to learn all about Android N. Well, today I'd like to introduce you to the newest member of the AP team: Mark Burstiner.

Mark's going to help us produce awesome, entertaining, high-quality video (who I am kidding: help? he's going to do it - we're video noobs) that you'll actually want to watch. And on N-Day, what better way to kick off that campaign than with five awesome new features you'll find in Android N?

This video will give you a quick rundown on Android N's night mode, the data saver switch, new quick settings toggles, split-screen multi-window, and the refreshed settings UI. We know there's more to Android N than that, and you can check out our feature spotlight posts which will be updating continuously over the next week or more as we discover the piles of new tweaks and tricks packed into the N-iest version of Android yet.

Night mode lets you turn the system UI dark in the evening (or if you're batman), which is something people have literally been asking Google to implement for years. The data saver switch intelligently disables all mobile data activity occurring in the background, but allows apps that are in the foreground to access the data connection as needed. When you reconnect to Wi-Fi, background data will once again sync. Android's new quick settings make customizing your toggles easier than ever, and take up less of that precious notification bar area. Split-screen multi-window mode is a headline feature for N, and I'll let you check that one out for yourselves. Finally, the new settings UI provides a wealth of information in subtitles as well as statuses at the top of the menu for ongoing critical statuses you may set (data saver, airplane mode, DND mode, battery saver).

Be sure to also check out our feature spotlight posts for each, below.

So, give a big AP "hello" (APKPLZSOONBACKANSWER) to Mark, you'll be seeing his face regularly around here. Also probably other parts of him, as he is not a disembodied head.