LG's current portfolio of smartphones isn't that big, yet the company still struggles to keep even its flagships updated to the latest Android version. Take the G4 for example. The company announced Marshmallow would begin seeding to the device way back in October in Poland, but it took a lot longer to graduate to full roll-out. Sprint had it in December, US Cellular in January, while AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, and the international variants got it in February. That was a gruesome wait, but it doesn't even compare to the LG V10.

We're just now hearing about the first instance of an OTA update rolling to the V10, and that's hitting the international variant for users in Turkey. The OTA is over 800MB and once it's installed, it'll push your software version to V20b with build number MRA58K, dated February 16. It's Android 6.0, not 6.0.1, so don't expect to see those fancy new emojis just yet. But then again, either way, whenever 6.0.1 rolls, you'll still be stuck with LG's weirdly designed emojis.

The update is basically the same that I got on my G4: you get Marshmallow with its doze mode, Direct Share, reorganized app settings and permissions, a real silent mode, and dynamic automatic brightness adjustment. QMemo+ has been renamed to Capture+, LG Bridge to LG AirDrive.

The most annoying change that I found is the fact that Knock Code now requires 6 taps in at least 3 different quarters. Instead of Knock Code being this thing I could rely on to lock other people out and let me in with a few easy taps, I had to learn a new complicated pattern that takes more time and that creates more room for errors and wrong recognition. Now, one out of three times, I either tap the Knock Code wrong or the system doesn't recognize it well because I didn't move my finger enough for it to count as a different quarter. I used to advocate for Knock Code as a security measure that doesn't punish the owner each time they want to unlock their own phone, unlike the pattern and PIN, but now it's even worse than those. GAH!

OK, that issue aside, Marshmallow is sweet and fluffy and cool and if you own a V10, you should be happy that the sky is clearing up and there's hope that the update will come to your device soon'ish. There's no official word on when US carriers will get it though.

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