Google kept most of the new stuff in Android N under wraps before today's surprise developer release, but one of the things we spotted early was a redesigned user interface for the main Settings app. Here it is, in all its multifaceted glory. There are a lot of small changes, mostly focused at getting more relevant information to users quickly, and often without the need to dive into a sub-menu. Almost all of the listed entries on the main page now have a subtitle: the connected network for Wi-Fi, devices for Bluetooth, a readout for data usage, et cetera.

2016-03-09 20.11.42 2016-03-09 20.11.47

Now when you enter any sub-menu, there's a hamburger button on the left of the screen that allows you to quickly access any other part of the main menu. The menu is still split into sub-sections, and "Device" has been given many more options: "Sound" and "Notifications" have been split apart, for a start. The Notifications page lets you manage the urgency level and block notifications for each app installed in a much more direct way than before. This has been moved over from the Apps menu.

2016-03-09 20.12.01 2016-03-09 20.12.06 2016-03-09 20.12.10

Tap & Pay gets a dedicated Settings menu listing, with Android Pay set to default on the developer preview build. Google gets a dedicated item as well (in addition to the Accounts menu) with quick links to dozens of apps and relevant settings.

2016-03-09 20.22.34 2016-03-09 20.12.31 2016-03-09 20.11.36

The rest of the changes are minimal UI tweaks to some of the familiar Settings screens, but nothing you'll be particularly uncomfortable with. All in all, the quicker access to relevant information is handy, if not revolutionary.