Ever used multiple inboxes in the same email app and wished there was an easy visual differentiator between each one? I know I have. And instead of Gmail fixing the problem, the solution comes to us courtesy of Yahoo's email application.

In the most recent update to Yahoo Mail, the app is getting a new theming feature where you could pick an individual color out of 11 possible options for each of your inboxes. Your Yahoo inbox could be purple, your Gmail could be red, and your Outlook could be blue. Or you can use a blue inbox for Yahoo — who's gonna stop you, you rebel! The feature is found under Settings > Themes and lets you assign a different color to every inbox you have added to the app.


Other new features in version 5.3 of Yahoo Mail include account renaming, subfolder creation and organization, visible stars in message lists, and easy previewing and moving of images from the message body to the attachment tray.

Yahoo Mail 5.3 should be rolling out soon to users on the Play Store, but it'll probably go in batches so be patient if you don't see it immediately.

Yahoo Mail – Organized Email
Yahoo Mail – Organized Email
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