If you're not using Chrome on Android, there's a good chance you're using Firefox. Mozilla has bumped up the mobile browser to version 45 with a few tweaks that can help you save data and privacy alike.

The first change is the ability to load a picture on demand when you've set Firefox to never automatically show images or to only do so over Wi-Fi. The relevant option appears under Settings > Advanced > Show Images. You can then load an image by long-tapping.

This release makes access to your device's camera and microphone via Firefox something you can restrict depending on the user profile. This can prevent children from using web apps to participate in video chats. You can manage this by selecting Firefox under Users > Add User or Profile > Restricted Profile.


Firefox 45 provides a new option under about:config called (network.dns.blockDotOnion), which you can toggle to block .onion domains at the DNS level. And, in what sounds less like an addition and more like a bummer, this update provides a notification to people still running Android Honeycomb letting them know that their time is up.

As usual, there's the usual assortment of bug fixes and minor changes. You can browse them at the source link below. And if you don't yet see the update on Google Play, a manual download is available over on APK Mirror.