Dedicated GPS units come with mounts that make them easy to view in your car. That's an advantage they have over smartphones, but it's a small one. There are no shortage of accessories that can hold your phone in the same way.

Some options are more annoying than others. Sticking a mount to a window can take a while to get right, and it's not legal in some localities. I prefer to stick a mount on my air vent or CD slot instead. But even then, the grips often require both hands. An easier approach, for people willing to stick a metal plate to the back of their phone, is to use magnets instead.

Nekteck (no, this isn't a company that makes advanced neckties) produces phone mounts that do precisely this. You adhere a metal plate to the backside of your device, and then using the mount should be as straightforward as putting your phone in place. Alternatively, you can stick a non-adhesive metal plate between a phone and its case (not included). Whether you want to use it vertically or horizontally shouldn't matter.

Screenshot from 2016-03-08 16-55-26

Pretend that isn't an iPhone. Your phone should work, too.

On Amazon, you can grab a unit that slides into your air vent or into your CD slot, whichever you prefer. The latter costs a dollar more at $15.99, but the core functionality is the same. Whichever way you go, you can save $7 by entering the coupon code DF7XWPDX at checkout.