When HTC announced the One A9 back in October, it decided to sell it for an introductory price of $399. That made a lot of sense for what is essentially an upper midrange device with excellent build quality and very good specs. However, when the phone passed the preorder period, its price shot back up to $499 (or even $520 with AT&T), which made it a lot less desirable. After all, you were paying top dollar for a 5" 1080p smartphone with a Snapdragon 617 whereas you could get a more powerful processor and a better screen for the same amount of dough.

Today only, you can get back that $399 price through HTC's Hot Deals promotion. The discount applies for the US version of the One A9 (32GB of storage, 3GB of RAM, compatible bands) and to the AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, or unlocked variants. As you must have noticed, Verizon isn't on that list because it seems that the One A9 isn't coming to the operator after all. All colors are available including the deep wine red one.

HTC's site still shows a $499 price on the phone, even if you're visiting it through the Hot Deals promotion linked below. In order to see the discount, you'll need to add the One A9 to your cart. That's where the $100 off will be applied and you'll get a final $399 price.