The Moto 360 Sport is a lot like the standard second gen device, only with a silicone strap and a display with greater outdoor visibility. Some people, myself included, think that this means it should sell for less than the regular version of the watch which is outfitted with more premium materials.

Well, Motorolla may not agree with that idea, but Amazon is apparently on board with it because the price on the black model of the 360 Sport just dropped more than 50 bucks to $248.27. This is not an announced sale and may be Amazon's way of clearing a little extra inventory. Whatever the reason for the lower price, it's the best deal we've seen yet on the 360 Sport.

If you need more info before you click the buy button then you should check out Ryan's review. These unofficial price drops on Amazon tend to be volatile, so I recommend you act quick on this one. If you've wanted one, now's the time to grab it.