You know what sucks? Not watching basketball. I absolutely hate when I have something else going on while the Bulls are playing and I don't get to watch the game. Being able to listen to the game makes that a little easier to tolerate, which I currently do from the official NBA app if that's the only option. If you're a TuneIn Radio Premium subscriber and an NBA fan, though, things just got a bit easier for you: TuneIn has reached a deal with the NBA that will allow it to stream all game audio from the app starting globally with the 2016-2017 season. That's pretty awesome.

I think the biggest deal here is that this covers all NBA action: regular season games, the Playoff, the Finals, and even everything that happens during All-Star weekend. That's a pretty incredible value, especially if you can't watch any of the games on TV or League Pass.


What's more, this deal doesn't start with the 2016-2017 season for users outside of the US, Canada, and China — all other premium subscribers get access to live NBA audio for the rest of the current season. So, basically, you can listen to the Warriors win everything again, I guess. I hear that Steph Curry guy is kinda good at basketball. Or you can listen to the rest of Kobe's final season in the NBA, because it'll be a different league next year. Or you can listen to the Bulls broadcast and weep with me. Or you can listen to the 76ers stream and hope they hit 10 wins this seasons. Man, that's just sad.

Alongside all the live game streams, TuneIn will also offer access to the 10 most recent streams from each team, as well as daily talk shows, fantasy shows, and analysis during the regular season. A 24/7 NBA Channel is also in the works for those of you who want all NBA, all the time.

TuneIn's premium membership is $7.99 a month, with free trials available on the website, iOS, and Android.