If you've never heard of or seen 4chan, you must be new to the internet and still unspoiled. I don't recommend you visit that particular hive of scum and villainy, but a great many people do spend a lot of time there. The founder of 4chan, one Chris Poole, has just made a big career change. He's now working at Google on the social team.

4chan is an imageboard that was originally launched in 2003 when Poole was still a teenager. It began with a focus on manga and anime, but later expanded to movies, gaming, and more. The "more" is where 4chan gets controversial. The completely anonymous and unmoderated nature of the site allowed some truly creepy and upsetting things to creep in (especially in the infamous /b/ random board). It also gave us memes aplenty. Oh, and porn. Lots of that.

Poole ended his day-to-day activities at 4chan last year, opening him up to new opportunities. Apparently working at Google is what he decided to do.