If you want a sleek and sexy thermostat to control your home's temperature, then there's no better device on the market then the Nest Learning Thermostat. Now in its third generation, the Nest helps keep your house at a comfortable temperature, but only while you are home, saving you money on your energy bill. It doesn't hurt that it looks great while doing so.

The Nest has sold very well and it's rare to see the price on the current gen model dip far below full retail. It is, however, on sale today at $199.99 on eBay, a $50 savings from the normal retail price. Even better, anyone purchasing one outside the state of New York won't pay taxes and shipping is free.

I've been on the fence for a while about picking up a nest for my home and this deal may finally be the one to push me over the edge. If you are in the same boat, then take a hard look, we may not see this price again for quite some time.