Hey, listen to this. Sharing music over Facebook Messenger has become simpler for Spotify subscribers. Now users have the option to share songs and playlists directly inside the app.

To send music, tap the More tab during a conversation, choose Spotify, and select the tracks you want to share. Recipients will receive a link that sends them off into the Spotify app.

This change evolves upon the existing way of sending music to someone, which is dropping them a link that, more than likely, sends them to YouTube. There they can waste all the extra bandwidth required to download video when you're only after sound.

The addition also marks Facebook's latest effort to make Messenger a platform users don't want, or need, to leave. Spotify, likewise, already lets users share songs over email, text, and WhatsApp. For both companies, it's a win-win. The same can be said for their users.

The feature is making its way to both the Android and iOS versions of the app.

Image Credit: Engadget