You may know SMG Studio from the neato tower defense game OTTTD or the frustratingly addictive One More Line. Now, SMG has turned its attention not to turning, but drifting. The cars in Thumb Drift are tuned for big drifts around corners, but they also explode immediately when you hit the wall.

Thumb Drift is part racing and part endless runner. The game measures the distance you manage to cover before hitting a wall, which you will do a lot. You can then challenge others to beat that distance. It's called Thumb Drift because that's all you need to control the car. Just drag back and forth to steer and drift. You can use other fingers too, if that's your thing.

New tracks are unlocked by accumulating more total distance, and the coins you earn are used to unlock more vehicles, all of which are explicitly unlicensed. Any resemblance to real cars is entirely coincidental and kind of surprising considering the low-poly graphics. The game is free with ads, but you can pay a few bucks via an in-app purchase to remove them.