Samsung continues to push its Pay platform on every front, and according to the latest press release, it's working. The company claims that "about five million users" have used Samsung Pay to spend more than half a billion dollars. That's probably thanks to Samsung's unique system that doesn't require retailers to buy new payment processing hardware. A wide array of compatible banks, credit unions, and credit card companies probably doesn't hurt. Today Samsung announced that Wells Fargo, one of the largest American banks, is joining the program.

Wells Fargo customers can now store information from any of the bank's debit cards or credit cards on Samsung Pay, then use the authentication system to pay. The bank has been fairly forward-looking when it comes to mobile payments - it also cooperates with Android Pay and Apple Pay.

Samsung has partnered with over 60 institutions for Samsung Pay in the US, from huge multinationals like Chase and Bank of America all the way down to credit unions that only serve a small region or even single states. The company has also been working hard to expand that list since the US launch in September of last year.