We interrupt your morning (it's morning here in Seattle at least) to bring you an important public service announcement. If you live in the UK or Ireland and own one of Amazon's affordable 7in tablets, then you need to request a new charger. Amazon has noted that a small quantity of the chargers bundled with these devices have had their housing detach when being removed from the wall, creating a risk of electric shock (no, they are not a fire hazard).

The recall applies to all Fire 7 and Fire 7 Kid's Edition tablets sold in the UK and Ireland since September 2015. The faulty chargers have the model number FABK7B, which is found on the charger's face as indicated in the image below.


Amazon is offering a free exchange to affected customers through a voluntary recall. If you own one of these devices you can visit this page to find instructions on the exchange process. Customers will receive a new charger from Amazon, or a £12 credit on their account to purchase a charger of their choosing (or anything else you want). I know which option I would choose.

While you are waiting for a replacement plug, Amazon recommends that you discontinue use of the power adapter. Don't throw it away though, Amazon will be sending out a prepaid envelope to people requesting an exchange so they can return the charger.

The recall does not affect any other models of Amazon's fire tablets, or any other regions other than the UK and Ireland. We will now resume our regularly scheduled programming.