It took a long time for Android 6.0 to start hitting watches after the abrupt cancellation of the Marshmallow-packing Watch Urbane 2. The update has only just started hitting Motorola watches in the last week or so, but now Huawei says the update is starting today for the Huawei Watch.

The update will show up on the watch as a notification card, but you can also trigger it by going into the settings menu. It doesn't appear to be live just yet, though. When the update does hit watches, it will have build number MEC23L. The Android 6.0 update adds a revamped do not disturb feature, new wrist gestures, and permission control.

The Huawei Watch Marshmallow update is particularly important as it will enable the speaker, which has been dormant in the device this whole time. That will allow you to make calls from the watch while your phone stays in your pocket. So get ready for that to start being a thing today.

Just kidding!

Huawei just posted an update to say the update is not actually rolling out now, but will happen soon. Some people are getting it, though. Maybe there's a bug? We're checking with Huawei.

Looks like Huawei is still saying it will go out this week - raising the possibility that the message on the Huawei Community was erroneously posted by a clueless rep. We're still awaiting official word from Huawei themselves.

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