With all those new USB Type-C devices popping up, we're always on the lookout for compatible accessories to replace all the microUSB cables and chargers we have lying around. Of course, not all type-C accessories are created equal, and some can even completely fry your hardware. That's why we're careful to only recommend stuff that has Benson Leung's seal of approval, and iOrange-E has had a consistent track record so far.

iOrange-E has three new car chargers which come with Quick Charge 2.0 or a Type-C USB cable built in, and we've got Amazon coupons which will give you up to half off the current price.

Since Benson is on hiatus after losing his Chromebook Pixel to a bad USB cable, these new accessories haven't been specifically reviewed by him yet. However, considering that he's given iOrange-E accessories a steady stream of five-star ratings until now, there's no reason to suspect that these products will be any different.