The most cost-effective way to experience Android TV is to buy a set-top box, but if you don't want something else taking up space near your TV, getting the software baked in does just that. Sony's latest line of 4K TVs run Android TV, and after going on pre-sale in the middle of February, they're starting to become actually available.

Right now the smaller X850D models are available for purchase on Best Buy's website, and the starting price is significantly less than the number previously provided ($1,599.99 vs $2,499.99). Attempting to arrange in-store pickup shows the soonest availability being Thursday, March 10th. That's a wait of over a week.

The X930D and X940D models both show up on the site as coming soon.

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Amazon also has a few pages up (here's the X850D and the X930D), but they're showing up as temporarily out of stock.

Android TV is the reason we're talking about these TVs, but that's not the only reason to consider picking one up. Neither is the 4K screen. In the video below, Sony shows how the X930D and X940D prevent the cable situation behind your TV from getting out of hand.

Did the music put you to sleep? No? Good. Because here's a look at the wall-mounting experience.

I bet you're stoked now. Here are the links for the two TVs that you can add to your cart on Best Buy. You can browse the remainder at the source link underneath.

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