USB Type-C is the new hotness, and we're already seeing several manufacturers adopt the new (and improved) technology. The newest Google handsets and tablet all have Type-C, the LG G5 will have it, and even companies like Blu have moved to this tech for its newest Vivo phones. Whether we're ready or not, this is something that we'll see even more of moving forward.

While USB Type-C is essentially superior to its predecessor in every way, it's still a huge pain to move from something that's been around as long as microUSB. There's a good chance you have cables and chargers aplenty, and giving up the luxury of having multiple chargers pretty much sucks. I know, because I just did that very thing. Ugh.

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That's why we decided to team up with Tronsmart and help out some of you who may have recently made the jump to a USB-C handset and are feeling the panic of only having one or two chargers and cables. With what I'm calling a "USB Type-C Starter Pack," Tronsmart has hooked us up with some of the essentials to get everyone going with Type-C:

That should be enough to get anyone started, and relieve some of the frustration associated with switching to the new USB technology.

wm_IMG_7824 wm_IMG_7826 a

I've had all of the above-listed pieces for a couple of weeks and have used them all. Like other Tronsmart products, they're all solid and get the job done very well. It's also worth mentioning that the cables and the adapters are all Benson-approved, so you don't have to worry about trashing your devices.

To enter, just hit the widget below. This one starts now, and will end on Monday, February 29th at 11:59 PM PST.

Good luck!

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