These days, GoPro is the king of the hill for action and aerial photography. Sure, you could wrap some tape around your phone and send it up on a quadcopter or toss it into a sandwich bag and hope it doesn't spring a leak at the bottom of the pool, but those are terrible ideas—seriously, don't try them. Since you won't be putting your phone (or tablet) through near certain destruction, why not use it instead to edit those great videos? GoPro announced that it has acquired popular mobile video editing apps Replay and Splice. Both apps are currently iOS exclusives, but the company has plans to bring them to Android later this year.

Splice (iOS) was released in 2011 and caught on very quickly for its extensive set of capabilities and some very powerful visual effects, not to mention being available at the low, low cost of free (with optional IAPs to remove ads and purchase background music). It's not a pro-level tool, but it offers enough control to cut and transition videos and audio that it can be used to create some high-quality results.

Replay (iOS) gained significant notoriety after it was featured during the October 2014 Apple Keynote event. The keynote video can be found here, and the demo starts at exactly 55 minutes into the presentation. Where Splice is for precise and controlled building of a video, Replay is designed to do just about everything automatically. It examines a set of videos provided to it, then generates a compilation with background music, transitions, and other special effects.

The development teams for Splice and Replay will remain in their current locations: Austin, Texas and Paris, France, respectively. The only timeline given for the arrival of either app on the Play Store is "later this year."

Hey, stop eyeing that zip-lock plastic bag! I told you, don't put your phone in the pool!