The Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge feature the triumphant return of expandable storage to Samsung's flagship phone line (without Android 6.0's adoptable storage function, unfortunately). So while you're waiting for your new phone to ship, you need to track down a high-capacity MicroSD card to stick inside it. If you head over to Amazon, you can find a positively massive 200GB SanDisk Ultra card for just $79.99. That matches the lowest price we've seen on this particular card, and it qualifies for free shipping even if you don't subscribe to Amazon Prime.

Other capacities of the same card are also on sale: the 128GB version is $50, the 64GB version is just $23, and a 32GB card can be yours for $12.54. All of them are Class 10 cards, so they should be more than fast enough to rapidly record photos or video, even if you use them for a standard camera. Naturally each card comes with a full-sized SD card sleeve for easy transfers to your laptop or desktop PC.

Not all Android phones can handle these cards, at least with their default formatting - some top out at 32GB or 64GB support, so double-check your specs before hitting "buy." There's no indication of how long this price will be available, but since it's coming direct from Amazon, supplies should be more or less unlimited.

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