The adoption of Chromecast as a de facto streaming standard was rapid, helped in no small part by the fact that it was the cheapest streaming gadget on the market which was immediately compatible with both major mobile phone systems. But not everyone leaps to support new tech, and old media giants like the National Broadcasting Company have never been accused of being nimble. So it took NBC the better part of three years to support Google's streaming standard, so what - it's not like they're a multi-million dollar entertainment company backed by an international supercorp.

Oh wait, they are.

The Chromecast support in NBC's official network app doesn't come with any other notable changes, though video streaming appears to work with all of the live and pre-recorded video within. A live stream of the national network is available, but only if you log in with a compatible cable or satellite provider. Most of the larger national options are supported. Without a login users can still access trailing episodes of prime-time shows.

While the updated app runs fine on my Nexus 6, reviewers in the Play Store aren't having such a nice time of it. Users frequently complain of broken videos, crashing, and unintuitive closed captioning. At least it's free.