The ZTE brand may not be the first that comes to mind when you consider high-end phones, but the Axon Pro is quite the beast. You get a 1440p 5-inch screen, Snapdragon 810, 4GB of RAM, and, thanks to a recent over-the-air update, Android Marshmallow. You also get to save money.

B&H is selling the 64GB version right now for $323.95 ($100 off) in blue, gold, and silver. ZTE's website is letting go of the same device for $379.98 ($50 off), so you're saving around $50 by getting the phone from B&H. This discount manages to undercut what Amazon currently wants for the 32GB model and Amazon's last discount on the 64GB option.

Besides, B&H is also throwing in a $50 gift card that you can spend on another product from the site. That's enough to pick up a 2nd gen Chromecast or a 128GB microSD card. Though the ZTE Axon Pro doesn't allow for expandable storage, so you'll ultimately have to stick that memory card in something else. But hey, it's a free $50. You can figure it out.