License plate numbers, emails, strangers faces, home addresses, and nipples. These are all things that you might not want seen by the world when you upload a video to YouTube. Google understands this, and has just released a new tool for YouTube that grants users the ability to blur any object in a movie, even a moving one! Check out this example clip to see it in action.

vid_3 (1)

This guy was able to remove a really embarrassing lawn mower that was totally ruining his sick stunt video. Seriously, lawn mowers are the worst, they always want all the attention for themselves.

The custom blurring tool is found in the enhancement menu on the desktop version of YouTube (sorry, it won't work on your phone). It's very simple to use. Just draw a box around the object you want to blur and YouTube will do the rest. You can also easily enlarge the box, readjust its position, and change when the blurring starts and stops if you want to fine tune the effect.

Blurring tools aren't entirely new to YouTube, as a tool that blurs all faces in uploaded videos was introduced back in 2012. However, the more granular controls that the new blurring tool offers makes it a far more useful feature in my opinion.

So guys, what are you going to blur? Let us know in the comments below.