Browsing streets may be one of the more mundane things you can do with Street View. Google's service lets you visit exotic destinations all over the world, even going so far as to let you ride a zip line through the Amazon. Now you can fire up Maps to get a good look at the inside of your favorite sports stadiums.

The feature is not limited to any one sport. In an announcement post, Google shows such views as the 40 yard line of CenturyLink Field, (Seattle Seahawks)....


half court in the AT&T Center (San Antonio Spurs)...


... and Dick's Sporting Good's Park (Colorado Rapids). To save you the effort of Google, it's a soccer field.


Clicking the links in Google's announcement works, but I haven't had much luck diving into sports stadiums directly from Google Maps. Instead, I get user-submitted photospheres. So I would consider the functionality still rolling out.

Check out more locations at the link below.

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