Google had a hit on its hands from the moment it released the original $35 Chromecast a few years ago, but not everyone who has a TV knows about all the cool things a Chromecast can do or that they can get one so cheaply. Apparently, Google wants to make it easier for people to start casting by simply building cast support into TVs, starting with Vizio.

This news comes by way of Variety, which cites multiple reliable sources. The TVs in question won't have any of Vizio's usual smart TV apps, instead simply having Chromecast functionality. Vizio will help consumers make use of these features out of the box by including an Android tablet as a remote control for casting content. They would also be able to use their existing devices to cast, of course.

It's interesting that Vizio wouldn't simply make a TV set with Android TV built-in, which also has casting support. The timing, price, and other features of this rumored cast-enabled TV are not yet available.