CloudMagic is one of several third-party email clients that can manage many accounts across different providers. Even though the Android Gmail app has had the option to add non-Gmail accounts for a while, CloudMagic remains many users' favorite way of accessing their email. It offers lots of benefits, like creating tasks out of emails (in Wunderlist, Todoist, Trello, Asana, etc...), passcode lock, and easy file attachment from Dropbox, iCloud Drive, and other storage providers.

Now CloudMagic is ready to graduate beyond email. The app has added a Calendar section, accessible from the side menu, that integrates your Gmail, Google Apps, and Exchange calendars. That makes a lot of sense. Just like CloudMagic, Microsoft's Outlook app has a calendar tab alongside the email one, to let you manage your appointments and schedule from the same app.

CloudMagic's calendar functionality is pretty barebones right now, but there's enough to get you started. The main screen is akin to Google Calendar's Schedule view, with your upcoming appointments listed below it. A tap on the month in the upper toolbar reveals the month's calendar with colored dots for days with events. One nice UI feature is a floating button that shows up only when you scroll up or down. The arrow takes you back immediately to today's date.

cloudmagic-calendar-1 cloudmagic-calendar-2 cloudmagic-calendar-3

Left to right: Main screen with drop-down month view, Adding an event, Preferences

Adding an event is done through the upper + button. You can set a title, location, add contacts, choose the calendar it goes into, and expand to add a note and edit the notification time, repetitions, and your availability.

Back to the main screen, the overflow menu has search and refresh options, as well as a My Calendars item that, confusingly, not only lets you choose which calendars you can view, but also edit the entire section's preferences (see the image at the top of the post). Those are an average fair, but I would have preferred a more visible Settings option in the overflow menu directly.

- Calendar support for Google Apps, Gmail and Exchange (EWS) accounts
- Create events, RSVP invites and get notified about upcoming events
- Contextual call button will be shown when viewing an event
- Bug fixes

If you're already using CloudMagic, the update should be installed or available to you in the Play Store. If you're not, you can download the app and give it a try from the widget below.