Confession: I haven't touched The Walking Dead franchise since the end of season one of the TV show - there's only so much zombie stuff I can handle. But even so, I know that Michonne (pronounced "Miss-shown") is a fan-favorite badass in both the comic books and the show. TellTale Games, always eager to please with its growing collection of licensed episodic adventure games, is giving those fans what they want with a Michonne mini-series. Episode one is available right now in the Play Store.

Michonne is a kick-ass lady who strides through the undead landscape crushing zombie skulls beneath her feet. When she's introduced in The Walking Dead comics (which are the basis of TellTale's games), she's something of an unknown quantity, swinging a katana and dragging two armless, jawless zombie "guard dogs" behind her. The TellTale mini-series will dive deep into the backstory of the character, exploring her personal history and motivations. As with all Walking Dead properties, it's sure to be filled to the brim with adults-only violence and drama, so keep it out of reach of the kids.

The miniseries will be just three episodes long, and as usual, each one costs $5 on Android. Players can save 20% ($3) by buying all three up front. As with other TellTale games, this one is compatible with external controllers and Android TV.

The Walking Dead: Michonne
The Walking Dead: Michonne
Developer: Howyaknow, LLC
Price: Free+